Take a picture – we will tell you the species.

A unique app for tarantula pet lovers with an image classifier, care sheets & more...

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Life’s better organised

As a passionate pet tarantula keeper, you want to have everything nice and tidy, all in one place. App navigation is intuitive and smooth and it is native to both iPhone and iPad devices.

Care Sheets

Care Sheets

You can explore all listed species by their scientific names, reveal a quick preview with basic care information, or continue to access swipe-card-based interfaces which offer further data about each specimen.

Species Classifier

Discover how simple it is to identify tarantula species with our image classifier. Upload or take a picture and theraphosID app will use the confidence model to predict the full species name. We have trained over 36 of the most common specimens and we are working on adding many more.

My Collection

My Collection

Be more organised with the right tools. Create an unlimited list of your pet tarantula specimen, determining their gender, monitoring their molt processes, and adding custom notes.

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