iOS AR Game to help kids with spelling the fun way

Sploony App

Sploony App

35+ Characters

The 3D models are presented as balloon-shaped animals that are hovering in the air, accompanied by a 3D letter, which are scattered randomly around the game scene. Tap the letters in the correct order to complete the challenge!

5 Levels

The first level is free and it contains five characters to complete. For a small fee, all additional 40+ characters can be unlocked. These are organized by the difficulty of English first-graders to five-graders. Extra category “My Mishaps” is collecting all incorrectly spelled words, which can be reviewed and corrected.

4 Languages

Sploony is supporting four languages by default and players can choose between them from the menu. A flag is displayed to show the selected language. Supported languages are English, Italian, Spanish and French


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