Prepare for your Certified Salesforce Pardot Specialist exam!

Study on the go with iOS app for iPhone and iPad that has been developed by certified Pardot specialist. 
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120 Questions

All training questions are grouped into bundles of 30 to make the study easier. Some questions may be the same as in the actual exam, others are there to fill in knowledge gaps.


Reveal Answers

You can select random order to show the questions and also to reveal the answers as you go through the quiz. This mode is not interactive, it is only for learning purposes.


Exam Mode

When you’re confident with your knowledge, you can test yourself under time pressure.
60 randomly selected questions will be timed by 90 minutes as the real exam.

About the Exam Quiz for Pardot SCPS App

I work in Salesforce space, achieved 3 certifications so far, including Certified Salesforce Pardot Specialist. iOS development is my passion in my spare time and I developed this app myself to make the revision easier.

The app is fairly simple, intuitive and optimised for iPhone and iPad devices. With 120 questions about various topics about Pardot admin, configurations, reporting and other topics I was able to fill any gaps I may have had from previous studies and passed on the first attempt. I am not claiming that this quiz contains exact questions that will be in the real exam, but some are a match. The purpose of the revision quiz is to flick through Pardot logic so you can make the correct decision when a question is presented in real exam.

You should complete all Trailheads first, study the Salesforce Pardot Help documentation, try real examples in Pardot itself to get familiar with the features and read through Pardot Study Notes. My app is the practise and revision of the whole process. More Salesforce certification exam-related quizzes are coming, stay tuned…

Good Luck!

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